JIL-12 Mission:
“To produce leaders for the harvest”

JIL-12 Vision:
“To win souls and make disciples”

JIL-12 Goal:
“To make every believer a leader”

What Is JIL-12?

The JIL12 is a biblical principle of church government and ministry of believers, where groups of men, women, couples and youth are prepared for ONGOING soul-winning, discipleship, multiplication and leadership development. It is a fully developed vision and system for evangelism, discipleship, nurture and mission in fulfillment of the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 28:19-20.

The JIL12 is the application of the mentoring technique used by Jesus in training his 12 disciples. It is the application of the ministry style of Jesus to see the heart of the Father fulfilled. Jesus MENTORED only twelve men, forming their character and preparing them for future ministry.

In JIL12, cells are organized into groups of 12. This is where leaders are discipled, nurtured, trained and mentored. Each person in a group of 12 is encouraged to have their own cell where they fulfill their call as leaders - to evangelize the lost, nurture new believers and raise up leaders of their own - who in turn become part of their group of 12. And so the process is repeated. Once this multiplication according to the factor of 12 sets in, rapid growth begins to occur. The 12 grow to 144, and then to 1,728, to 20,736 and so on.

“If I trained 12 people, reproducing in them the character of Christ in me, and each of them did the same with another 12 - the continuation of this process, with every group of 12 transferring what they receive, would lead to unprecedented growth in the Church.”
Pastor Cesar Castellanos


1) Seeing The World Through God's Eyes
2) Reaching The Lost
3) Discipleship
4) Leadership Development
5) Multiplication
6) Building Relationships With God and In Cell Groups
7) A Vision To Succeed

JIL 12 Program

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The Encounter is also known as the “P.E.P.” Program, because, it consists of three parts:
•         The Pre-Encounter
•         The Encounter
•         The Post-Encounter


What Is A Pre-Encounter? 

It prepares a person in attending the Encounter Retreat.  The Pre–Encounter Classes is essential for the Encounter to be of maximum value and success.

Where Is It Held? 

It is held either in the church or in a cell.

Who Conducts It?

Pastors, JIL12 teachers or cell leaders.

What is the schedule and duration of classes?

1 ½ hours per week for two consecutive weeks before the Encounter Retreat is held.

What Are the Lessons / Topics In the Pre-Encounter?

Lesson 1:         All About The Encounter / Evangelistic Tour
Lesson 2:         The New Birth
Lesson 3:         Principles of Deliverance
Lesson 4:         The Assurance of Salvation
Lesson 5:         The Power of the Scriptures
Lesson 6:         The Importance of Encountering God
Lesson 7:         Preparation For Your Encounter

What Is An Encounter Retreat?

The Encounter Retreat is a face to face meeting with God the Father where we discover His eternal love.  It is a face-to-face meeting with the power of the Holy Spirit to change our lives and give us new direction. During this two-day event, new believers encounter God, themselves, and others.

An Encounter Weekend is a dramatic experience that completely changes the course of our lives. All of us have already experienced many important milestones, or encounters, on our lives: falling in love and getting married being accepted into a university, obtaining a job, etc. But of all the encounters we could have, the most important one is an encounter with the living God! Matthew 16:26 says, “What good will be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?”

The Bible gives us many examples of people who were radically transformed by their personal encounters with the Lord Jesus.  Remember the demoniac (Matt 8:28-34), and all the Disciples of Christ. After these people had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, they were never the same again. Consequently, we can be assured that when we, too, have an encounter with Him, we will never be the same.

What Are The Basic Objectives of The Encounter Retreat?

•         To experience meeting God personally – face to face.
•         To receive healing and deliverance (body, soul, spirit, emotions, etc. . . ).
•         To have a radical change in our lives for God.

What Happens In An Encounter Retreat?

An Encounter Retreat presents a series of experiences and personal teachings that result in visible, manifested change in the lives of all who participate. It offers people an environment and opportunity that allows them to discover how to establish their relationship with God, how to have direct fellowship with Him, and how to commit to his lordship in their lives. Participants are given the opportunity to know and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and to receive assurance of that fact. They are taught the claims of the Gospel and experience forgiveness of sin, deliverance from bondage, emotional and physical healing, and restoration of worth and value. They also learn how to walk in the blessings of a covenant relationship with God and His family.

During the Encounter weekend, three major areas are addressed:

•         The past (bondage and emotional hurt)
•         The present (practical help in dealing with current life issues)
•         The future (God’s plan and dream for your life)

Where Is It Held?
Encounters are held at a location away from the church because we believe that there is something about an unfamiliar environment that is conducive to the moving of the Spirit of God.

What is the schedule and duration of the Encounter Retreat?  
It is a two-day event, which begins on a Saturday morning and ends on Sunday evening.  It culminates in the Church where a Welcome Fellowship is being held by the Church members to welcome those who attended the Encounter.

Who Conducts It? 
The JIL Pastors, JIL12 teachers and cell leaders are the ones teaching in the Encounter.  Also, an Encounter Team is organized to assist the attendees of the Encounter.

Who Can Attend? 
Only those who have completed the Pre-Encounter Lessons and have registered for the Encounter are allowed to attend.

What Is The Cost? 
The cost of the Encounter is whatever amount is needed to cover your food and lodging expenses throughout the Retreat.  The manuals / booklets for the Pre-Encounter, Encounter & Post-Encounter Classes is already included in the registration fees.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Encounter?

•         Pray
•         Fast
•         Must have strong desire to be set free
•         Have faith!  And expect to Encounter God.

What Are the Lessons / Topics In the Encounter Retreat?

•         “Opportunity Knocks”
•         “God’s Fatherly Love”
•         “Inner Healing”
•         “Deliverance”
•         “What Jesus Did On The Cross”
•         “A Vision For Success / Pathway To Freedom”
•         “Immersed In His Spirit”

What Is The Post Encounter?  
The goal of the Post-Encounter is to establish foundational truths in the new believers and begin to establish in them a lifestyle that encompasses the study of God’s Word as well as godly disciplines that will continue throughout their Christian lives. The Post-Encounter class begins the week following the Encounter Retreat.

Who Can Attend? 
Before a person can enroll in Post-Encounter, he must have already completed the Pre-Encounter course and attended the Encounter Retreat.

Where Is It Held? 
It is held in the church in a classroom setting.

Who Conducts It? 
Pastors, JIL12 teachers or cell leaders.
What is the schedule and duration of classes? 
The total teaching is composed of 20 hours and is taught in 10 two-hour sessions once a week for ten weeks.

What Are the Lessons / Topics In the Pre-Encounter?

1.     How To Overcome The World
2.     How To Talk With God
3.     Social Life
4.     The Word:  The Fountain of Life
5.     Sexuality
6.     The Church:  God’s Refuge
7.     A Balanced Life
8.     Baptism:  A Step of Obedience
9.     Music and Its Influence In Our Lives
10.  Knowing The Will of God

        School of Leaders 1
        School of Leaders 2
        School of Leaders 3